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Bishop Insurance Referral Program & Food Drive

Please spread the word:   Bishop Insurance’s 3rd Quarter (July – September) referral program non-profit recipients are the Bread Basket and Polson food…

Attention Hunters!

Time for Hunting Season!  The Bread Basket appreciates your game meat donations.  Drop off game to Frank’s in Pablo, White’s…

Welcome to the Bread Basket!

We appreciate your support with donations, volunteering to work or helping in anyway you can.  For more information on ways…

“Town Pump Challenge” September thru November

Every year Town Pump sponsors a “Friend in Need” challenge to benefit local food banks from September through November.  For…

Food Drive at Women 4 Wellness Event will be on May 23, 2019

Bring one or more food items or cash donation to the Women 4 Wellness Event in May from 10:00am -4:30pm at…

Dear Friends of the Bread Basket

SNAP Supports Dedicated Workers

New fact sheet from CBPP showing how SNAP supports dedicated workers throughout Montana.  Click on this link: SNAP Helps 1 in 12 Workers in Montana Put Food on the Table.

Egg Cartons & Glass Jars with lids WANTED HERE

The Bread Basket appreciates your help to repurpose/donate your egg cartons (preferably dozen size) and small glass jars with lids….

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